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So you want to hear what we Recommend? ...

No fancy words to say, but straight up information. 

Mon Proximo Viaje, specialize in trips and tours with the following countries : 

  1. The Philippines
  2. Sri Lanka 
  3. UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi 
  4. Singapore 
  5. Thailand - Soon.

Tropical weather of the Philippines and Sri Lanka will give you the best places to visit the great beach. One particular special to the Philippines are the bluest water while if you are a nature lover, Sri Lanka is the best one for you to visit. 

Sri Lanka is like 4 and a half hours away from the UAE that makes the country the go-to places for a short vacation and to reconnect to your inner self, especially if you try their Ayurvedic Therapy.  We will dig deeper in each and every country on the sections below. 

While for a luxurious experience,  The UAE specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi is your best spot. The right time to visit the country is between the end week of November till the mid of April. Weather is just perfect to go around the country. Would be Singapore, this small country is packed with surprises but can break your bank if you are a budget traveler. However,  if you have any relatives or friends staying in the country it is an added saving if you can stay in their place. 

Thailand, on the other hand, is the culmination of the Philippines and Sri Lanka. It has this crazy beautiful beaches and nice ambiance if we talk about its greenery. 

The Philippines

What should I do while I am in the Philippines

First things first, you have to schedule your visit. We need to create that itinerary and focus on your interest.

This is what we recommend you to do: 

  1. You have to try the food
  2. You have to visit the historical Manila
  3. You have to visit the beautiful Islands
  4. You got to taste the delicious coconut fruit, the young one
  5. you have to see the shipwrecks
  6. Try the local hospitality
  7. Oh, Don\'t forget the pastries
  8. You got to see those old Churches
  9. Check out those big malls
  10. Never forget the Buffet which is very common in the Philippines nowadays. 

what else do you need to know? check with the locals! 

Mon Proximo Viaje
Mon Proximo Viaje
Mon Proximo Viaje
Mon Proximo Viaje

Sri Lanka

This teardrop country is what I consider my 2nd home, I love the country and I love the people.  

They are synonymous to Filipinos with their hospitality and beyond compare warmth. This country is rich in historical site and one of the places that you have to visit if you are a nature lover. Anywhere you look? it\'s all green. They don\'t consume frozen food, just fresh one. 

What can I recommend in Sri Lanka

  1. You have to try their seafood, super fresh
  2. If I said that seafood is fresh, what makes you think that the veggies and fruits are not. Papaya is the die for
  3. UNESCO sites, a must see 
  4. getting those tan lines, never forget
  5. Religious sites such as Kandy, Dambulla  and a number of places
  6. Tea Plantation, its a must go places
  7. Beautiful waterfalls
  8. the People, the locals - make friends with locals. You will Love them
  9. Spice Garden is a must see
  10. if you think Africa has the wildlife safari, look no further, Sri Lanka got you cover.
Sri Lanka
Mon Proximo Viaje
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

The United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most know emirates among the 5 other emirates that make UAE a country. 

Dubai has always been thought as the country or the capital of the country, but let me talk about Dubai for a second. 

This beautiful and luxurious emirate is one of the smallest among the 7, but! it is the center of tourism in the middle east. You got the iconic buildings, indoor parks and now crazy yet beautiful places where you can hang out such as La Mer, Box Park and a lot more. 

On the top of all these places that you can visit, between the months, January and July we have the Shopping Festivals that happen in Dubai. 

Then we have Abu Dhabi - this emirate might not as extravagant as Dubai, but this is the best places to unwind, enjoying the beach, bbq in the park and an adrenalin experience at Ferrari World. 

So let me tell you what are the things that you got to try while you are in the country; 

  1. Desert Safari! 
  2. Dhow Cruise
  3. Visit the tallest visit 
  4. Try Emirati cuisine
  5. Shop till you drop 
  6. Check out the museums 
  7. Never forget to visit the Grand Mosque
  8. Experience those extreme sports 
  9. how can you missed the fountain and light show
  10. Malls Malls Malls, check them out
Mon Proximo Viaje
Mon Proximo Viaje
Mon Proximo Viaje
Mon Proximo Viaje