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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka, the teardrop country, an Island country and some say its a Paradise. 

Ceylon or Sri Lanka for me is a country of pure beauty. From the places that you will see to the people who reside on it. 

I\'ve have been going in and out the country and I guess I will keep doing that as much as I can. Sri Lanka is very rich in culture and history. I see how much life they have and how simple life can make them really happy. I met new friends and made a new family to some. 

Being in this beautiful country is like being in the Philippines for their hospitality and in Thailand for all the smiling face of their local people. You would only see happy people, giving their sweet gesture. I have visited about 10 cities and I guess more than I am really proud to share with you all. 

One of the Top Destinations for Europeans for relaxation and religious place for Buddhist. They have a number of places that were believed to be visited by Buddha himself and are considered sacred. 

Top Places to See are : 

  1. Sigiriya
  2. Dambulla Cave Temple
  3. Pinnawala
  4. Ella 
  5. Nuwa Elliya ( my fave spot)
  6. Kandy
  7. Arum Gay Bay (surfer\'s paradise)
  8. Mirissa
  9. Hikkaduwa
  10. Koggola
  11. Yala
  12. Galle Fort
  13. Colombo
  14. Negumbo
  15.  and a lot more 

We can bring you all around of country which the main transportation is either Car, Bus or Train. The Tea Plantation is heaven on earth with nice weather and greenery. 80% of the travelers who visit this country are Europeans and Chinese. During my stay, I was the only Filipino around apart from those who are already resident of the country. I was even mistaken a Chinese or Japanese. 

I highly recommend that you book an Ayurvedic treatment while you are in Sri Lanka. Visit their rich museum, they have a lot of parks and botanical garden, at least you see one. Ruins are here and there. It would be great if you can try Adam\'s peak for the experienced hiker, climbing more than 5000 steps. And of course the have animal safari so why go in Africa when you can do it in Sri Lanka. 

A detour in their spice garden is another must experience. 

Travel Vloggers who visited Sri Lanka 

  1. Sierra and Alex 
  2. Hugo Alexander
  3. I am Shanwein

There are so much to share, but I encourage you to witness it yourself.  To appreciate the beauty the same way we all did. 



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