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Dubai, Dubai, Dubai. 

The most famous among the 7. Modern and luxury are the two words that you can use to best describe the place. Everybody thought that Dubai is the country and or the capital of UAE. It is actually one of the smallest if the not smallest emirates. You can go around Dubai in one day if you will drive none stop. 

The growth of Dubai over the past 10 years is exponential and unstoppable, especially with the coming of  Expo 2020. Almost every year, they open new attraction which adds to a gazillion things that you can do while you are in Dubai. 

Top Things to do and visit while you are in the emirates. 

  1. Dhow Cruise
  2. Desert Safari
  3. Visit At The Top
  4. Visit the Frame
  5. check out the Light Show and Dubai Fountain
  6. Shop during the month of January and July
  7. Check out the new attraction
  8. If you have to visit the Dubai Museum as well as the Heritage Village
  9. a plunge at kite beach during the winter season 
  10. shop till you drop in the biggest shopping mall in the world Dubai Mall

Almost every 6 months since 2015, new malls and parks are being opened liked the La Mer, Outlet Mall, Box Park, Dubai Creek, the Frame and a lot more to come before the Expo 2020 happen. 

A must try are the local Emirati cuisine. If you are that adventurous enough to try another cuisine, Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Yemen and Afghanistan cuisine are available (just to name a few). 

Dubai has been dub as the center of tourism in the middle east and the go-to places if you want to blend traditional and modern sites to see. People not only come to this country for sightseeing and other activities but a number of visitors set the place as their wedding destination. Big names in Hollywood party here and try the out of this world extreme sports such as skydiving, now the longest zip line.

You will never run out to do here, so better write them down. Set your priorities as what you have to try or to do then execute your holiday plans.  This will help you maximize your stay and enjoy every place that you visit. 

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