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Adobo – a million ways to make it

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Adobo – a million ways to make it

Mon Proximo Viaje

Adobo has been one of the many Filipino dishes that is creating a huge noise in the international culinary scene. 

Preparing the dish is one of the easiest but the most understood especially if you are making the pork version of adobo. It may look simple but there are many ways to prepare this dish. 

First you have to start with the basic ingredients; 

  1. Soy Sauce
  2. Vinegar
  3. Garlic
  4. Bay Leaf
  5. Peppercorn
  6. Onion is optional 

What is the best way to cook this? 

Simple. Usually, you have to boil the meat till its tender. Then you saute garlic and onion then add your meat together with the bay leaf and peppercorn; if you want something spicy, just add birds eye chili or whatever is available. Add 5 spoon of soy sauce to 4 parts of vinegar. This is best done if you use a slow cooker. 

Some parts of the country call it HUMBA, but making a Humba is far different from the common adobo. You have to preserve the meat and place it under a pile of soil for a couple of days before you cook it.  But the usual Humba are made cooked with sugar so it tastes a bit sweet. 

Adobo was said to be a way of preserving meats in the past while refrigerator was not available to use.  I guess they have to season the meat lightly so it won\'t overpower the taste of the sour and savory if you mixed it with a different dish. 

You can use the following meat; 

  1. Pork 
  2. Chicken 
  3. Beef
  4. Pork or Chicken Liver

You can use vegetables as well if you wish, notable are long beans and kang kong when it comes vegetable. 

The best way to enjoy this dish is with a steam rice, oh yeah, for those you love the spicy food, you can add something like chilis of any kind, however, in the Philippines, we use the bird\'s eye chili. 

If you are planning to go around the Philippines, you have to try the regional version of adobo when you can and when its possible. 


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